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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 23, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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take on the government with a future show about the war on drugs. formats welch and kmele foster. i m kennedy. good evening, everybody. president obama seems to have settled into his rule by fiat. today, he advanced his global warming agenda ordering new fuel efficiency regulaons for heavy du trucks another long list of decrees which the president bypasses congress. also, protest turning violent and deadly on the streets of kiev as antigovernment demonstrators go to police, ove a dozen are dead. the conflict reach add political point. is the u.s. government negotiating wi terrorists or
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not? report that is negotiations are under way for the release of the maining p.o.w. in afghanistan. the taliban demanding the release of guantanamo bay terrorist. president obama using an executive order for the global warming agenda. the president ordering the e.p.a. to develop new fuel efficiency standards for hvy duty trucks. the president making good ongoing around congress to act on his own. he took a moment to brag about his recent actions. >> over the past the weeks, i required federal contractors to pay their employees a fair wage of ateast $10.10 an hour. i ordered an across the board job training programs and create something we call my r.a. we brought together business leaders to help more unemployed americans find work no matter
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how long they are loong. i'm eager to work with congress when i can. when i can work on my own,g to . >> what is unclear is how this helps grow the middl class. the white house admitting they had no idea how many employees fedel contractorsave earning the nimum wage hile, at the same time, claiming they were helping, quote, hundreds of thousands of american workers, end ote, without any imper cal evidence of the kind. we dono this, 2% of the labor force earns minimum wage or less. the congressional budget office ported raising the minimum wage to all americanso $10.10 an hour would kill jobs, not create them. the report reading once implemented in 2016, the $10.10 option would reduce employment
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by 500,000 workers and we should point t the cbo acknowledged this is only an estimate and a rough one at best. joining me now is monica crowley, michael goodwin, both fox news contributor it's great to have you both here. monica, quickly, the idea, we have seen a flurry of communications from capitol hill saying the cbo is out of its mind on ttis estimate. that ruffled a few feathers. >> the democrats loved the cbo when they came in under $1 trillion, which we know is a super lowball estimate. they had to go back and re-estimate how much it's going to cost. they loved the cbo then. now, not so much. they are condemnations of this. this latest reportcomes on the heels of the last cbo report last wwek or two weeks ago say
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thag obamacare was going to cost us 2 million jobs to 2.5 million jobs. it ties into the same general policy. >> michael, this administration committed to this rule by fiat now. other presidents have used and used some of them more extensively than this. there is a declaration on this president that he means to go around congress with these orders and actions, which sets him apart from the previous presidents. what do you thinkhe results -- where are we headed with this? >> i'm struck by the president saying i'm eager to work with congress when i can meaning when i want. this is the greatest failure of the obama presidency. the policies are rot ton, but the refusal to negotiate with things he can't get. it's either my way or the highway on everything. as you say, he's now actively
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looking for areas that he can use executive order andome of these things may be thrown off by the courts eventually. in the meantime, we are now passing through into a new kind of presidency where acting as though congress really isn't there if the president doesn't want it to be there. this is something that will come back to haunt the democrats in the future. >> and this future is rapidly apprching us as the midterm election year. the sides are delineated here. i don't see, even after the retreat by both parties to figure out their strategy to map their way forward a clear plan coming from either the democrats on how to rut their failure with obamacare or the republicans th how to deal with a forward strategy about what they std for. do you? >> no. i completely agree with you. i don't think you are seeing any kind of articulated strategy.
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democrats realize they are heading into their own creation with the disaster that is obamacare. they are grappling with how to handle it. they don't know how. the republicans have put all their eggs in the obamacare basket, which might be a dangerous strategy. if the media, which we know is for the most part corrupt on the le, if they write stories about it working, then the republicans will find themselves in a real fix. >> a lot of the president's strategies is to change the conversation away from obamacare, talk about anything else. a lot of this, you know, presidential order, executive orders end to his strategy. >> climate change. >> he looks to them so he doesn' have to talk about obamacare. something to change the conversation to look like e's doing something for somebody instead of obamacare whe he's doing thingso people. >> kerry is, in my opinion, the most confounding character in
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the obama administration. he leads the obama pivot to asia, then starts talking about how global warming is a volno, is, you know, erupng, interrupting his travel plans. it's becoming a farce, isn't it? >> i thought the asians were incredibly polite to him after that performance. he's scolding the russians, they are doubling down with assad and scolding the syria for not resigning. he's out there stating things that make no sense. he wags his finger and long fa. >> it seems to be prt of the job requirement. >> kerry i sort of blowing in and out ofhe middle east and asia. the problem is, you right michael,e's pointing his fingers at the russians but nobody is listening.
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nobody listens to the commander in chief and the same is true with kerry. >> he is a lame duck, don't you agree? >> we should talk about the fool who sent him on the fools ernd. this is obama on the international stage. whatever john kerry is doing is sort of dancing to the song of the puppet. >> when i said john kerry was confounding, i didn't meane was a fool, he just has me confounded. i'm trying to asses what he's trying to achieve. we thank you both for being here. michael, thank you. up next, violence in ukraine. the united stes and russia on opposing sides. retired army star on diverging interests here next.
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my first guest tonight says it's likely too late for the than talk about ukraine because our leadership is joan as weak. i'm joined by former army vice chief of staff, general jack king and fox news analyst. good to have you with us. >> od to be here, lou. >> we are hearing a very familiar refrain from the white house, a threat, an ulty may tum and you are not much impressed. >> well, no, i don't think they take any of our threats seriously. you know, after our similar threats in the middle east and particularly in syria dealing with the so-called red line. the fact of the matter is, we should be talking to putin primarily because he is the thug
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here trying to dominate the former soviet union states and ukraine is p on his list. the fact of the matter is, ukraine has always been a part of russia. he's clearly after that client state and economically important toim but geo politically important to him. the europeans and the united states have shown ineptitude in dealing with this crisis effectively and movg in the right direction. i don't think much is going to happen here, lou. >> not much may happen in terms of u.s. assertion of interest and power, but, president putin de ittclear, general, hasn't he, that he means to intervene if it gets further out of hand. what is your judgnt? >> what he fears is 2004 repeat where, when this stooge who is
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now the president of ukraine was elected in a fraudulent electi. 75% of the people voted for his oppone. the fact of the matter is demonstrations took place and a new leader came into power. that intimidated d frightened putin quit a bit when he saw the people oppose a political stooge like this guy is. he does not want that to happen again. he does not want that to get out of hand. at the same time, i doubt if yanukovych put troops in the streets to go after the rebels or demonstrators without a discussion with putin. i don't think he does that without . putin is trying to show some strength from the government perspective, but not let it get out of hand where the government is challeed in terms of the future. >> they are holding an emergency
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meeting tomorrow on sanctions. sanctions in this instance sound peculiar with me. it is hard to get sanctions with a corrupt leader, yanukovych, not the people who ar demonstrating, at least half of them are for tighter ties with the european unn itself with the west. >> that strategy is flawed. you question it and i question it as well. sanctions against this government, actually, from the europeans, who the people want to be aligned with, strengthens the president'hand. i mean, it frustrates the people. it doesn't make any sense for the europeans to do thi again, they are dealing with the wrong person. the person here that we should be putting pressure on is putin. >> and the president, meanwhile, is dealing with stephen harper
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and mexican president, talking about harmonization and trade. meanwhile, they have lapsed from the, if you will, priority list with this administration and secretar kerry. we have seen little in the way of movement, if any, in the iranian nuclear talks. what is going on with this administration? what is your best, if you will, your best analysis of where we are in the middle east right now? >> i think what's happened is the administration, you know, witnessing what took place with the two wars, afghanistan and iraq, truth be known, they don't agree with either one of them, have done everything they could to avoid a conflict. they are paralyze by the adverse consequence. as a result of that, the middle east interpreting the united states is no longer wanting to be involved. we are in retreat and
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disengaged. that is true. as a result of that, the al qaeda, the radical isamists, the dictators in the region willing to purge their aders are all moving forward and the unit states is sitting on the fences. our foreign policy is seen as one of retrenchment from the world. the fact of the matter is, we are perceived, generally speaking by friends as being weak. >> general,as always, thanks very much. general jack king. up next, hhs seetary, kathleen sebelius ignoring a budget office report on obamacar you won't believe this, but she apparently, well, wanted to avoid the facts. i know, it's impossible to think it might have happened by any member of this administration. we assure you, that's what occurred. the evidence is here next.
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you have time to shop for car insurance today?
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yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive. the obama administration choosing to ignore budget office report demonstrating it wi cost the equivalent, as th put
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it, of 2.5 million jobs ove the next decade. we are struggling here to understand what is equivalent to that ma jobs. listeno kathleen sebelius. >> there is absolutely no evidence a every economist will tell you there is any job loss related to the affordable care act. i know it's a popular myth th continues to be reated, but it's not accurate. >> not accurate. joining us is the senior fellow at the manhattan institute and former colleagueof the ro knee campaign. what do you make of an hhs secretary that says such things? is that an explanation? >> the opposite of what s says is the truth. al economists agree obamacare is reducing employment. it raises taxes by $1.2 trillion. that cuts down on the labor
8:22 pm
force, cuts down on jobs. employer mandate cuts down on jobs. the fact people are dropping out of the work force, slows economic growth. >> i have to say, as an aside, i want to compliment the congressional office. they have reasserted their integrity and the contentious discussion. >> they perform a very important service by being a referee. i will say there are always deficiencies and inadequatd qua >> they have reasserted themselves. i watched them try to reassert th integrity and i want to give them credit for it. it's difficult, as you know. talk about bfeted by competing
8:23 pm
rces. as we look at obamacare, it's a distance in it for work. i think that should be there should be understanding and view on that but there's not. >> that's been, to me, the most surprising element in this last couple weeks. not that the cbo says there's going to be a depression of labor force, but the obama administration is saying this is a good thing, an achievement. most people would say, even center left democrats would say no. and have said, no, this is n a good thing. this is a problem. we want universal health care, but we have to take care that it doesn't depress the work force. i don't know if it political spin orr ideology or don't care. >> maybe it's fear in this midterm election. >> i think it both. i think there's an ideological view on the left that it doesn't matter if people work because taxpayer funds are unlimited.
8:24 pm
>> so far, they have been proved absolutely correct. we are headed, though, toward an accou accounting. that has been said, of course, literally for decades now at over $17.2 trillion nation debt. we he a national debt that is the same size as our economy now. people have to understand, there will be consequences but the problem for republicans, they always harp on debt. they always harp on entitlements and people turn them off. >> yeah. >> if we don't see the republican party, enlighten leaders, articular leaders, it's going to be the same result. >> there's a lution. the lution is to actlly leapfrog the left by showing conservative republican policies will do more for low income people, willo more for people at the bottom of theadder trying to work their way up tn what the liberals and progressives aoffering.
8:25 pm
that's what republicans haven't been doing. >> i happen to think the democrats have done a very good job of taking care of thepoor in this country, i really do, along with help from the republicans. what i don't understand is why republicans refuse to look to the needs and issues of the middle class and working -- well, now, this is different. we are watching the conservatives push back against the chamber of commerce. they have given the back of the hand to the business round table. this stuff is over. people may not be aware, but we are going to see a true divergence here. the republican party has to find out if tey want to have people in the tent who work and sweat and build this country every day. that's the middle class. that's working people. and small business people. >> the single greatest invention that cured poverty and led to middle class prosperity is capitalism. >> that's a different statement.
8:26 pm
i'm talking a connection between the republican party, values and people who work for a living. >> they have to make that connection. our ideas are the one that is are going to help you the most and do the most for you and are doing the most for you. >> democrats don't go to the elections and say you know what, we believe in redistribution and we are going to build the greatest entitlement system ever imagined on this continent. >>they don't use the term. >> right. they connect. they say you are going to have -- >> health care. >> a benefit program, whatever it may be. >> republicans are not good at talking about things in that concrete way. >> let's change the language. >> absolutely. republicans are great at connecting with working men and women and the middle class, how about that? >> they have been in thepast. >> thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> appreciate it.
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what a billionaire and labor leads have in common these days? well, they both believe they should be ae to buy votes and tell the rest o us what to do. we have talked about venture capitalist tom perkins before. he's quite a fellow. he says the rich get more votes because, well, they are rich. >> tom perkins system is, you don't get to vote unless you pay $1 of taxes. i think, treat it like a corporation. you pay $1 million in taxes,ou get 1 million votes.
8:31 pm
>> that's an exciting idea, huh? >> then billionaire tom styre. his net worth is about $1.5 billion, steyer is planning on spending $100 million to boost democrats who make global warming a priority. now there's this fellow. he's burned osterloh. he's mad as hell about the uaw losing the election in tennessee. now, he's threatening the plant workers, businesses, companies, saying if they don't unionize in tennessee, it will affect their presence in the south. he's so full of himself and volkswagen that he thinks his blter will take a 53% vote to
8:32 pm
reject the union. he's sitting over in germany he needs to calm down a little. when he or anyone else threatens americans, it doesn't end well. whether you are a belligerent lead or billionaire willing to pay millions of dollars to influence th midterm elections, the republican party has an opening here, a real opportunity. if they have the leadership and the guts to really represent working men and women, represent the middle class and the strivi to be a part of it, it for the response to the billionaires club and the tough, big labor guys, a simple, go to hell, would be a good start. we're coming right back. isn't it greathen people get along. the three amigos meeting in mexico. the democrats meeting with a billionaire benefit tack tor in
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>> volkswagen top representave in germany threatening to block any potential expansion in the united states if workers ithe south aren't unionized. bold stuff. the comments follow a crushing defeat for the auto workers union in tennessee. joining us is andrea, co-host of "the five." i have never seen such -- on the part of a guy sitti in germany, telling americans what they have to do. this is going to have some reaction, don't you think? >> i think so. why does he feel emboldened. president obama made it about th german shareholders from the get go. they want to assert their power
8:37 pm
in the united states. >> the president is helping them along. that's going to be interesti to watch as well. the idea tha this guy at volkswagen, doesn't he understand brand issues? i mean volkswagen with the brands, its success globally and in this country, which still remains the richest consumer market in the world, you know, come on. calm down, fel. >> yeah. i don't pretend to know how the european mind set works. i don't have to tell you, lou, this is a company that is additionally pro-union. they let the unions come in. they gave them access. what rally frustrates me the most is that the people have spoken and the lt and the european socialist mentallye are seeing creep into our country and occupy our white house will not let people to their own devices, make their own choices.
8:38 pm
they underestimate how savvy people are. the generous benefits packages already there, salaries are already there, why do we need you? it's not a compelling deal for us. >> volkswagen is enjoying a mint ssccess. these workers in tennessee and there are ants all around the world, frankly, are doing a great job building a superior product. the workers are well provided for. compensation is fair. they make a terrific living why screw with it in the vernacular? th decided to do so. the spectacle of a company siding with a union and insisting that their workers, affectively, approve it. >> do they read about detroit? have they read about other car companies that have fallen at the hands of the uaw?
8:39 pm
apparently not. europe is very big on unions, very, veryig on unions. i think it's the audacity to tell the united states how to do business and lecture them and wag the finger and the boldness the unio grasping for air saying we are going to sue and do all this crazy stuff. it shows their desperation. >> whats ironic in all this, the president of the united states is down in mexico, southern mexico with his three aim amigos. in the middle of the summit is a giant chrysler plant building three different model, some of which are shipped into this country. meanwhile, we are having a discussion witholkswagen and how they a are doing and want t run things in our country. this is a bizarre, bizarre situation. >> and the looming keystone pipeline, another boom for american workers. even preside obama dmitted,
8:40 pm
the reason it's not done is cause of the politics of it. >> yeah. >> i can't believe he actually believed politics is getting in the way of american jobs. you can think it, can't say it. >> i'm glad he did. straight forwardness is in great shortage in washington particularly at the white house. we have a bunch of people walking around, very sophisticated economists saying with this administration, so welleaning can't create sufficient jobs. well, they will not look at what it is. when you look at offshore production and look at the outsourcing of the jobs. when you look at the failure of business to invest in this marketplace, their home market, it's not difficult at all. they are not investing in the country's future. they are not investing in this economy economy. they are not comfortable with it. believe t president doesn't care about the gdp. i don't think he cares about growth or e unemployment rate the cbo report or what
8:41 pm
obamacare is going to do to american jobs. they don't care. i know they don't like when i say that, they care about making people dependent on government. in their eyes, the cbo report and the report jobs are not being created doesn't matter. it's perfectly fine. >> you must have had an exchange today. >> president of the robert beck el institute, which is short on facts sometimes, but not on passion. >> we are going to carry your war for you. beckel we would be happy to have you on. >> he's a good guy. >> isn't that the case so often. >> they mean well. >> very wel isn't it fun to be patronizing? >> i sure is. >> thanks for being with us. appreciate it. a minnesota businessman
8:42 pm
claiming victory in the battle against the nsa and department of homeland security. the federal agencies took issue with the parody shirts and mugs that made fun of them. mocking slogans like nsa peeping while you're sleeping and spying on youince 1952. >> president obama using a pen and phone to rule by fiat. on the constitutionality of mr. obama's presiden. next. [ male announcer ] there is no substitute forxperience. for what reality tehes you firsthand. n e face of danger, and underhe most demanding circumstances. experience builds character. experience builds confidence. anexperience... has built is. introducing the 2014 glk. the engineering and the experience of mcedes-benz.
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former congressman has been arrested in zimbabwe for possessing pornography and violating immigration laws.
8:46 pm
he is democrat mel reynolds of illinois you may remember his name. he lost his seat almost two decades ago. he was then convicted of statutory rape and later financial and campaign aud. former president clinton commuted his sentence back in 2001 with two years remaing. interestingly, when he resigned from congress, it gve a political opening to one, barack obama. an illinois state senator ended up running for reynold's seat. obama issuing another executive action on fuel and emission standards. for more on this administratioa, we are joined by mercedes colin. good to have you. >> good to be here.
8:47 pm
>> you know, our fox news poll shows by a large majority, americans hate this. it's over 70%, this rule by fiat, by decree, whatever you want to call it. how in the world is this possibly legal? >> it is legal because it doesn't give express power for the president to do it, but allows the president to have executive orders. here i the catch. there are three branches, the judiciary, legislative and executive branch. when the executive branch makes laws creating executive orders not approved by congress, you encroach on the legislative branch. the u.s., the voters are offended by it. we have this structure for a reason. >> you mentioned article two, but section three reads. the esident shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. you are the attorneys. i have to tell you, that seems
8:48 pm
pretty explicit. >> you can take the word executed. mercedes is right. >> are you kidding me? >> i'm a lawyer. >> i admire you guys so much. >> thank you. >> that's almost like the carnivals that came to town when i was a kid. >> thank you. here is the problem. by the time it gets through the court t's an executive order that is so bizarre and so much encroaching, it takes years to get in front of the upreme court. the la decision was in the 1950s when the president says ok, we are going to have all the saw mills be under executive order. well, the supreme cou said, no, you can't do that. you can't legislate a whole dustry. it's how the pocess takes so long to get to the supreme court. >> this is so scred up.
8:49 pm
this is a president who said, you know, he's been signing executive orders and actions. the thing that gives me great pause and concerns me deeply, profoundly, maybe, is that he said the reason he soing it was to go around ngress. >> right. he didn't say he was doing it becae of the historical precedence or because it was necessary, that it was within the parameters of previous presidents. he said it explicitly. >> exactly right. to add insult toinjury, his platform in 2008 was i'm not going to be like former president bush and create executive orders. i'm not going to do that. you can rely on me to uphold the constitution. what has he done? signed 170 executive orders and counting. >> to be fair, under president
8:50 pm
bush, he signed 170. he had 291. president clinton, 364. president franklin roosevelt, 3,500 executive orders. >> he hasn't finished his term. these are post term. at the ends of eight years, 364 by clinton. he has three years t go. >> i'm curious because, how many did george washington sign? >> that i don't know. >> how many did thomas jefferson sign? because it became common place for these folks and in the urgent years of the great depression and world war ii, i can understand some of that. but, this is a different time. >> i think this is what irked people so much. it wasn't the circumstances you were talkg. i have the pen, i have the power
8:51 pm
of the pen and the power of the phone. that is really irksome. you are threatening us with something that's not in the constitution that we could find it and you are threatening with the power of the pen? and to say that deliberately i'm ing it because of congress. basically, it's in the face of the three branches of government. >> let's take the one at a ti. congress, anything they can do about it? >> they can bring it to court saying he abused his discretion. standing is going to be a problem. you have to bring someone who is a voter, someone, an american citizenoming forward saying i have been abused by this. the nsa thing, it's a cls action and you have to find somebody, group of people that can say i have been abused, i have been hurt. >> how about the supreme court itself? can they not say? >> it has to be brought to them. >> they can't reach out? >> no.
8:52 pm
>>we have an overly aggressive president, i would argume we have a passive supreme court. thank god we done have to worry about activist judges and justices. >> not at that level. >> and we have a congress that is befuddled and out mashed, perhaps. >> what about this particular, senator mccain said about this order. perhaps he can stir it up. >> starting the movement. it's got to win its way through courts. >> the best thing repuicans can do in that instance is win a few elections. >> exactly right. change it up a bit. >> thanks for being here. thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. up next, my commentary on the soaring costs of higher education this country. they are so bad, they are influencing, negatively, our using market. weill tie all of that together. we will also have your thoughts and comments, strait head. be sure to listen to my
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loan debt is so large and such a burden on the backs of college students and families, it' a major factor in preventing first time buyers from buying homes. so now, we are awakening to the biggest and least reported on economy, higher education. middle class parents andtheir kids are footing the bills. helped out by our generous federal governments and the states kick inas well. how much debt are we talking about? how much debt can a bunch of cocollege kids run up for cryin out loud? it turns out, a massive amount. about 7 in 10 graduates leave college owing on student loans. on average, each of the newly ucated men and women walk out saddled with $30,000 a piece in debt. add it up and schol loans are
8:58 pm
$1.2 trillion of debt. last year, student loans are the biggest category of consumer debt after mortgages. and we just keep borrowing. over the past two decades, well, we have seen a horror sow of rising inflation for parents and students, higher education costs soared 165% over that time according to the federal reserve. while wages have risen at 1/10 that rate. it's now time to reign in this destructive spiralf higher education costs, ever greater government lending and larger debts on the backs of our middle class and their children. it means we have to acknowledge its time toend the government support of higher educational costs which create ever greater burdens for the next generation of college graduates. we have to focus on those issues now. well, here are a few of
8:59 pm
tonight's top comments from viewers. john tweedbout secretary kerry's statements. he might want to focus on i rab and syria, the middle east is about to glow in the dark. climate? really? stephen in oregon wrote me about the president's continuous changes to obamacare. i have nn doubt when the end of march arrives, there are an insufficient number of obamacare enroll lees, he will move the enrollment date, possibly self-enacting an open ended date. i like that, self-enacting. he also tweeted about obamacare. is the administration just moving uso a single payer system as the answer to the problem they created? well, a few people think so. we love to hear from you. e-mail me. follow us on twitter. go to facebook. everything is at we are giving all of you whose
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messages and posts and tweets are read here free copies of my new book, "upheaval." keep the comments coming, we >> i go to the university of california irvine, >> louisiana state university. >> virginia tech. >> guatemala. >> university of south dakota. >> university of -- [inaudible] john: a special edition, 1500 college students from all over the world gathered here to debate what makes for a free society. these are our future leader learning about liberty. students usually don't learn about that in school. tonight, what you ought to know about economic freedom, free speech, personal responsibility, drs, privacy, and america's


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